Are those new teeth coming in?


Yes, they are the first adult molars to come in!

As they continue to grow, they push the gums out of the way, sometimes food can get stuck underneath the gums, or kids accidentally chew on the gums and that can be quite painful. If this happens, make sure to eat soft and cold foods for a week to help reduce the discomfort. Try your best to encourage brushing around the teeth to keep the area clean.

The main issue with these adult teeth is that kids have trouble brushing their back teeth and don’t focus on them as much – they need your help to make sure all of their teeth are brushed enough.

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In this photo, we used a special dye that stains the plaque purple in the last molar.

So how do we encourage kids to brush their back teeth more?

We suggest asking them if you can “check” their brushing and go ahead and brush all of their teeth with focus on the back teeth for 20 seconds, afterwards you could try to give them some positive encouragement “you brushed your back teeth really well tonight!” Try helping your kids brush once a week 🙂

At Arbo Dental Care we’re committed to helping kids and parents feel comfortable “going to the dentist”. Over the next few months, we’d love to continue sharing these tips with you.

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