Gum Recession

Most people think gum recession would hurt, however most of the time it goes unnoticed!

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Why do fillings on baby teeth (primary teeth)?

Why do fillings on baby teeth (primary teeth)?

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What’s an Open Bite?

What’s an open bite?

We mostly see open bites in kids because of various habits mainly when they continue to put their thumbs in their mouth...

Are those new teeth coming in?

Yes, they are the first adult molars to come in!

As they continue to grow, they push the gums out of the way, sometimes foo...

When should I start taking my kids to the dentist?

These are the right questions to ask! Most parents are not sure when the best time to visit the dentist is for their kids. Sometimes kids start see...

Do I really need to floss?

“Do I really need to floss?”


I often get asked “do I really need to floss?” whether in the clinic,...

Do you or your child still have their wisdom teeth? Are you not sure if they need to be removed?

When wisdom teeth are removed at a young age there are fewer complications, quicker healing, less side effects or discomfort, and less time off fro...