Case #2


This new patient had an unfortunate incident where she was biting her nail and her front tooth fractured! She came to our clinic because we were able to see her in the evenings in Bradford, Ontario.

Image for Case #2

What happened?

There was a cavity that undermined the structural integrity of the tooth and making it prone to fracturing. Our front teeth aren’t designed for biting anything hard.

In her case, the front tooth broke in such a way that the tooth was no longer fixable and she wanted a long-term solution.

We discussed all the short and long-term options, their benefits, risks and she wanted the most definitive solution. She decided the option that satisfies all her criteria was an implant with a temporary tooth the same day as removing the tooth.

Our patient was excited that she was able to have a fixed temporary tooth the same day as removing the fractured tooth!

10 years ago, it wouldn’t be possible to get a fixed temporary tooth the same day.

After 1 consultation, 1 surgery, and 4 months later she got a brand new tooth!

We’re welcoming new patients to our practice and seeing dental emergencies in Bradford. If you or someone you know need to discuss options, we’re here to care for you and your smile!